When two brilliant musicians meet, there is no doubt that an excellent group is going to be born out of it. Such is the case with Heavy Trash. The brainchild of Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray, this is proof that when two musicians decided to collaborate, the outcome is one excellent band at products a sound that is not entirely unique in this sea of pop songs and hits, but one that truly pays ode the songs that have paved the way to the manner in which music has revolutionized and evolved over the years.

The two musicians have decided to explore the roots of music and combine punk rock, not the sounds that they produce. It was back in 1985 when Spencer first attracted many adventurous music fans’ attention. This due to the primitive guitar works that he so prominently displays in the songs that he has produced along with the raw vocals that accompany his songs back when he used to be a part of the band Pussy Galore. Add to that the frantic merchant of noise that goes into the songs that he has produced.

The band, however, split back in 1990. This led him to join forces with drummer Russell Simins and guitarist Judah Bauer. Together, they decided to for the Blues Explosion. The band is known for melding together accents of R&B along with feral blues. The sound they produced was one with a wailing fractured post-punk explosion, which is quite potent nonetheless. This has ended the band to become one of the most controversial and most acclaimed groups in the 90s era.

However, despite the solid following that the Blues Explosion has been enjoying, Spencer has always been one of those people that want to find new frontiers when it comes to the music that he plays. This means that during downtime, he can be seen playing with musicians such as the Boss Hog, R.L. Burnside, Gibson Brothers, as well as Spencer Dickinson.

It was in 2005 when Spencer began writing as well as recording material with his now bad mate for Heavy Trash, Matt Verta-Ray. Verta-Ray has played bass with the very much acclaimed Madder Roe for their first two albums.

The tow has decided it get their collaboration named Heavy Trash. It was later that year that they were able to release their very first album. It was titled simply as Heavy Trash. This is an album that eased back on the blues- a very prominent element in the earlier work that they used to do. What the album opted for instead is getting to the forefront a more honky tonk and rockabilly flavor.

This album was co-produced an engineered by Verta-Ray in his very own NY Hed recording studio. Two years later, in 2007, the group decided to dish out their second album. It was titled Going Way Out with the Heavy Trash. A year later, they released another record. Midnight Soul Serenade as released in 2009 and it became their last album for a while. A short collection of increased songs and outtakes called Noir! was released in 2015 by Bronze Rat.