While a lot of modern musicians these days have of used in musical genres that are likely to bring in the big cash, they are those that actually want to stay true their roots as musicians and come up with music that is really going to help them reconnect with what used to make it special and influential and awe-inspiring in the past. There are a lot of people that would rather keep the fire burning where this genre of music goes.

Thanks to bands like Heavy Trash, it is still possible for people these days to listen and see this kind of music being performed live and not just is listen to the whatever cassette tapes they have managed to salvage from years long gone by. With Spencer and Verta-Ray playing the rocking and rolling sound that used to be part of the long gone past, many people in these present they are still able to appreciate and be a part of the beauty of the rockabilly tune.

Many o the young musicians that have been influenced by the rockabilly sound will often talk about how it has become a window for them when it comes to connecting not just with themselves but with their audiences as well. Many people talk about how it allows them to appeal to the ears of their listeners, while at to same time, ensure that their dancing feet are also grooving along with the tunes. This was around the mid-1950s until 1960 when such unique music experience has been created. Rockabilly has always been considered as that window that allowed all kinds of music ingredients to shine through to the listening public in this golden time of music.

When it comes to American music, rockabilly has always been considered one of the purest forms. This because the music has never been watered own unlike many of the tunes that have gone on to be passed into the present time. The sound that is being produced through this musical genre was never really homogenized. In the present times, any of the sounds that are released for the listening public to tone into are usually homogenized and watered down to make sure that they are going to meet the requirements of corporate record companies to ensure that they will indeed get the desired profits. Many have always believed that changing something that is musical that is already in its simplest and purest forms can never be changed without expecting that it is going to ruin the output. This is the reason why the rockabilly tune as it is heard these days has remained the way it used to be- bold and pure and simple and never watered down.

While there are some people that any be quick to point out that this kind of music is nothing more than just a thing of the past, it is far from that. It has remained well and alive even today. In fact, it is even more alive today that ever. While this is not the kind of music that will fill out huge stadiums with thousands of  people in throngs are pouring in to see, but you will find that almost anywhere in the world, in small venues, there are performers- either legendary and young- that are playing along strictly to the tune of the rockabilly music. One will find that these performers have kept to making the same driving guitar licks, the nothing short of standup slaps on the bass, the vocals that can only be considered as impassioned and frantic, along with that heavy backbeat sound of the snare drum. Believe it or not, the music still does and has remained to sound great all these times.

There are a ton of rockabilly shows that are mostly performed on the weekends too. These events draw big crowds- people who want to appreciate American root music at its purest form and listen to how to put has managed to craw its way into the present without getting its presence even toned down a bit.

While it is true that many of the veteran performers in this genre are no longer around, there are groups like Heavy Trash that see to it that their legacy is never going to be forgotten, it’s in the hand of the young blood that this genre is going to keep living, they are the ones that keep pumping new blood into this music genre to make sure that this is one sound that is not just going to remain in the past, but will still get carried over every time for the rest of the world to listen to.