What is Heavy Trash?

If people are thinking that rockabilly is a genre that has long since been buried with age, they are dead wrong. These days, there are a lot of musicians that are is at the forefront of ensuring that this musical influence still remains alive and well and kicking for the rest of the public to listen and enjoy. One such band is Heavy Trash. This American rockabilly band is from New Your City. It is a two-man group made up of Mat Verta-Ray and Job Spencer. Verta-Ray was previously connected with New York bands such as Speedball Baby and Madder Rose.

Meanwhile, Spencer used to be connected with the Blues Explosion of Jon Spencer. While the bad is generally regarded as the rockabilly type, one needs to take note of the fact that these bands tend to play quite an eclectic mix of varied genres. This includes rockabilly, rock and roll, alternative, blues, garage punk, and even country. Presently, the band is signed to Crunchy Frog Records, Bronzerat Records, and Yep Roc Records. The band embarked on a tour with the Sadies, a Canadian band. They toured under the name The Sadies and Heavy Trash.

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Probably one of the earliest styles when it comes to rock and roll music is the rockabilly. This is a music that was started in the United States, specifically in the South and this dates back in the early part of the 1950s. Being a genre, it is noted for its blending of the sound of the Western styles of music which includes rhythm and blues and that of a country. The combination then leads to what is now considered as the classic sound of rock and roll. Probably, one of the most used sound track.

It should be noted that the term is actually considered to be a portmanteau of the term hillbilly and rock from the operative word is rock and roll. Hillbilly is often used as a reference to the term country music. This is because it used it be called as hillbilly music around the years the 1940s to the 1950s. Hillbilly music can be seen to have contributed considerably to the style that the rockabilly sound has then become more known for. There are a ton of other important influences to the genre too. Of instance, there are the boogie Woogie, the swing.

There are a lot of defining features that make the rockabilly sound quite unique. For instance, there are the strong rhythms that the music is associated with. There are the vocal twangs too. In addition, there is also the common use of the effect of tape echoes. Over time, the music has become more diluted due to the introduction of more progressive additions of various vocal harmonies as well as other various instruments. There are some people that have even described this to be a combination of rock and roll as well as bluegrass.

About the Rockabilly

People who have followed the American music scene will find that there are a ton of names that can be associated with the genre. For instance Bill Haley, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, as well as Bob Luman to name a few. To should be noted though the that the success and the influence of this music style ass seen a decline around the 1960s. But the genre actually had a major revival in its interest in the 70s and the 80s. It is also worth noting that the genre has successfully endured even in present times. Oftentimes, this endurance is noted within a subculture. In fact, rockabilly has actually left a legacy. As a result of its inception, it has since spawned numerous sub-styles and it has even influenced other genres such as punk rock.

Country music and blues have always had a close relationship. This is even from the earliest recordings back in the year 1920. Two new sounds actually cropped up in the 1930s to the 1940s. There is the Western Swing of which leading proponents were the Texas Playboys and Bob Wills. This is a sound that combined big band jazz as well as steel guitar along with horn sections. His recording from the middle part of the 1940s until the earlier part of the 1950s actually includes jazz choruses as well as rhythms of two-beat jazz, along with guitar work that has actually preceded the earlier recordings of the rockabilly tune.


For some people, the music is a window. Many of the musicians that have pursued it found out that it has such great appeal not only to the ears of their audiences but to their dancing feet as well. It is bands like Heavy Trash that makes this kind of music alive.

There even came a time too when there was a nationwide boogie craze hat was launched that started around 1938. A number of artists ended up recording Hillbilly Boogie. These are songs that consist of vocals that are considered as hillbilly ones along with a boogie bass line for the instrumentation. The, there were a number of artists that actually helped shape the influences of the rockabilly music. This is a sound that has incorporated some electric blues, jump blues, as well as a number of boogie and swing influences.

People need to remember that rockabilly should not be confused with the usual radio stations that claim to pay north but good old stuff. Oldies music is to just what rockabilly is all about. In fact, it should not be considered as authentic rockabilly music or the only thing that it stands for. Most f the time, only very few of these people really know and understand and even promote music that is truly considered as real rockabilly.

All in all, though, the term can be quite hard to pin down. But many would want to picture it as an exciting combination of country, the blues, as well as gospel sounds from the American mask that used to be prevalent back in the 1950s. When these influences were combined with the heavier beat that was a part of the pop music scene back then, the result is now the popularly known rock n’ roll.

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What you should know about vape Ejuice

If you have been a smoker for the past several years, you have probably heard about this new trend called vaping. This kind of practice involves the use of electronic cigarettes or vaporizers that heat up some vape juice like eliquid depot.  This vape juice or e-liquid is usually heated up to a high temperature so that you can inhale it as a vapor. This vapor contains the nicotine that you want, and it even comes with a bit of flavor as well. Vaping has become a popular trend in the past several years, with people predicting that it will totally eclipse the practice of cigarette smoking pretty soon. SO if you do not know a thing about vaping, this article should help you out.

They are inhaled through personal vaporizers.

People, who vape, do so through the use of a personal vaporizers or e-cigarette. These vaporizers or electronic cigarettes use electricity to heat up the vape juice. The e-liquid can be heated up to as much as 400 degrees Fahrenheit to produce a fine vapor of flavored e-liquid and nicotine. This vapor is then inhaled into the mouth and into the lungs, just like you would with traditional cigarette smoking.

E-juice is made out of glycol or glycerin.

E-juice is composed out of two main ingredients; these are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. These two ingredients are used in many different flavorings of food. You can find them being used to flavor foods such as vanilla extracts. You may even find these being used in certain medicines to give them flavor as well. This makes propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin really safe for your body.

The vapor from e-liquids is safe.

The vaporized form of the e-liquids is actually safe to breathe in. This vapor is non-toxic and is non-carcinogenic. Compared to the smoke that you inhale from burning cigarettes, it is genuinely much safer to vape this e-liquid. It would not cause any harm to your lungs or any other organ of your body.

You can choose a lot of different flavors.

One of the main draws of vaping e-liquids is the vast amount of flavors that can be chosen. There are even some people who vape, who choose to do so not because of the nicotine but because it is really delicious to inhale flavored vape juice. The number of different flavors varies so much, that there are even special flavors such as tropical mixes or even meat flavored ones.

That is all that you need to know about vaping and ejuice. Now that you know more about vaping these e-liquids, you should be better equipped to decide on whether or not you should starting vaping. One of the main reasons to vape is that you would still get nicotine into your body, without all of the associated health risks. In general, it is much safer to vape rather than smoking cigarettes. For anyone that wants to get their fix of nicotine, you may want to buy a personal vaporizer. You would not regret the decision to vape because it would be so much better for your health!


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